Pre-Order the Book you Need to Read Now More than Ever

Tracy Daugherty’s new literary biography, about a remarkable man you must come to know, is available now for pre-order on Amazon and from the University of Texas Press.  Leaving the Gay Place:  Billy Lee Brammer and the Great Society tells a story that runs from the halls of power in Washington, D. C. to the back rooms of America’s rock ‘n’ roll venues.  It follows Billy Lee, our wayward American son, from LBJ’s office in the U. S. Senate building to Janis Joplin’s crash pads in Austin and San Francisco–from psychedelic flights in the heart-broken Heartland to the alleys of self-destruction.  Billy Lee Brammer wrote the best American political novel, hands down, and he worked for a man that, in so many ways, predicted the era of Donald Trump.  To understand now, you need to know then–through the eyes of Billy Lee.  Order your copy now: