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“A political and pop-cultural view of midcentury America in relation to the enigmatic life of a Texas-bred political journalist and novelist.  Outside of Texas and certain literary circles, Billy Lee Brammer may not evoke the cult recognition shared by his contemporaries such as Ken Kesey or Tom Wolfe.  In this entertaining and colorful new book, fiction writer and biographer Daugherty goes a long way toward elevating Brammer’s status.  He also offers a generous glimpse into the political and personal life of Lyndon Johnson . . . An engrossing, well-documented biography of a largely forgotten writer and his place within a quickly changing period of the 20th century.”–Kirkus, STARRED REVIEW, 7/31/18.

“This look at the life and times of Billy Lee Brammer, journalist, LBJ staffer, pill popper, and author of The Gay Place, a well-received 1961 novel, is thorough and intriguing . . . Daugherty benefits from having a star-studded cast to work with.  The widely varying famous people surrounding Brammer at different times include LBJ, JFK (the two shared a girlfriend), Janis Joplin, Ken Kesey, and Jack Ruby . . . Adding to the story’s Zelig-like quality, Brammer even happened–allegedly–to have been among the reporters standing nearby when Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald . . . The book benefits from input from Brammer’s daughters and ex-wives . . . [a] life . . . notable as an example of a talented life gone awry . . . “–Publisher’s Weekly, 7/17/18.

Tracy Daugherty’s new literary biography, about a remarkable man you must come to know, is available now for pre-order on Amazon and from the University of Texas Press.  Leaving the Gay Place:  Billy Lee Brammer and the Great Society tells a story that runs from the halls of power in Washington, D. C. to the back rooms of America’s rock ‘n’ roll venues.  It follows Billy Lee, our wayward American son, from LBJ’s office in the U. S. Senate building to Janis Joplin’s crash pads in Austin and San Francisco–from psychedelic flights in the heart-broken Heartland to the alleys of self-destruction.  Billy Lee Brammer wrote what many critics have called the finest American political novel, and he worked for a man that, in so many ways, predicted our current political atmosphere.  To understand now, you need to know then–through the eyes of Billy Lee.  Order your copy now: